RonIn about one week (23 -30 november) the main goal of our project “Who says hopeless !!!” starts.

The team now consists of Kyle Knepper and Ron Gerrits. Christopher Weiner is present, but unfortunately cannot participate because of a prolonged gastrointestinal infection.

The goal for Kyle is getting his first official triathlon in Phuket (1800 swimming, cycling 55 and 12 km running)
The goal for Ron this year, is to achieve the so-called double Phuket. In one week, taking two triathlons (1800 -1900 swimming, 55-90 km cycling, 12 and 21 km running)

Why do we do this?
* To thank all the people – and businesses who supported our children and the disabled persons, the last year through donations.
* In the hope that people appreciate our efforts and this will “reward” by giving a donation for our children and the disabled.

Without your support and trust, we are not able to support our children and the disabled persons in developing a positive future.

The pictures shows of where we are able to with your help.

(Donations are entirely devoted to the support of the children and the disabled. The participants themselves pay the project costs.)

If you want to support us :
Netherlands / Europe: Ing, No. NL55INGB0683341235 Creating Changes Netherlands or
Thailand: Bangkok Bank swift code BKKBTHBK, No 718-0-04641-4, Creating Balance Foundation, Sri Donchairoad Chiang Mai, Thailand.
When you make a donation or need more information please write me a message.

Our clothing sponsors are:
Ceasar Fitness + Spa resort :
Impegno :
Nimblewear :
Top Business Partners B.V. :
Wellness Producten :
Yamaha Nederland :