The Creating Changes Nederland Foundation currently cares for 27 children and we are grateful to have  13 sponsors! 

When you sponsor a child, you are providing them with food, education, and emotional support.   All of our sponsors are provided with an email that includes details about the child’s specific circumstances, photos of the child and ongoing updates. 

Currently these 22 children are looking for sponsors:

  1. Mongkong
  2. Boen-pi-tat
  3. Tsja-Gor
  4. Sombat
  5. Putchermun
  6. Luittidate
  7. Jatoh
  8. Soedalat
  9. Nauw
  10. Pa-we-nee
  11. Jathor
  12. Bernjuk
  13. Ador
  14. Nata

Sponsor A Child