The Creating Changes Nederland Foundation provides art and musical supplies to children.  It reminds them that one objective in life is to translate our challenges into a triumph and ultimately find happiness.  Music and Art has also proved to be therapeutic to the children of this foundation.

paint brush


Donate Art Supplies for a Child

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Each art kit is built specifically for the child’s individual interests.  They will contain ALL of the necessary items to complete the project.  From jewelry making, oil painting on canvases, to sculpting, this child will receive a specialized art project from you.


One Art Kit Donation




Donate a Musical Instrument

Music is what feelings sound like.

Each musical instrument will be hand selected for the child based on their individual aptitude and abilities.  From guitars, to flutes, and even violins, this child will receive a musical instrument from you.


Musical Instrument for a Child




Donate Sporting Goods

Sport teaches self-empowerment, self-worth, team work and health.

Each sporting good will be hand selected for the child based on their individual interests.  From soccer ball, baseballs, badminton rackets, this child will receive a specially picked sporting item from you.


Sporting Goods For A Child



Donate a Sports Uniform

Learning athleticism is one thing,but learning as a team has the power to transform lives.

Each uniform will be gifted to a child who wants to participate on a team sport.  It may be soccer, martial arts, or even cycling.  This child will receive a special uniform so that they can participate in their desired sport because of you.


Donate a Sports Uniform


bikeDonate a Mountain Bike

Riding is freedom.  It is what childhood should be all about.

Each bicycle will be selected for the specific child’s age.  It will enable them to create fun filled memories, teach them about a healthy lifestyle and provide them with transportation.


Donate a Mountain Bike