We have two choices in life when we see someone struggling: we can turn a blind eye, or do something about it.  This philosophy is the core of The Creating Changes Nederland Foundation.  Many of you may not know who the “hill tribe” people are, and neither did the founder, Ron, until merely 8 years ago.  What he witnessed was eight distinct ethnic groups, or tribes, literally trapped within the hills of northern Thailand.  They have no place to go, no rights, no citizenship and some may think…no hope.  But, not this foundation.  While many would turn a blind eye to this desperate situation, no struggle goes unnoticed with this foundation.  Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges, “The Creating Changes NederlandFoundation” strives to provide balance to children and families who were given an unbalanced beginning.   Each family is different and so are their needs.

Many of the children that receive care from The Creating Changes Nederland Foundation are born to drug addicted parents, or are products of rape, and all have lived in dire, unimaginable circumstances.

Beyond providing basic necessities to these children, The Creating Changes Nederland Foundation works with families to ensure that the children are placed in nurturing and safe environments.  Sometimes this means that the children must leave their homes to be placed under the care of family members (often grandparents).  And unfortunately, other times there are no living relatives that are able to provide a safe environment for the children.  This horrifying reality has led to the creation of “The Bird’s Nest” where we provide children with no other options, a safe home, with food, education, love and emotional support around the clock.  Our fostering system is a last resort for these children, but they are truly the lucky ones.  We offer hope to a seemingly hopeless situation and ensure they retain a strong connection to their culture, while focusing on their education so that they are able to create a hopeful future.  We strive to create Changes and Balance…

We believe that our donors should be given the freedom to choose how their contribution is spent. 

We have created a site that reflects your ability to choose where your money goes.  Please take the time to look around for a donation option that reflects your beliefs, and please feel free to contact me (Ron) if you have any questions or comments.

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We work hard to create local and global awareness.

The founder, Ron Gerrits, work tirelessly for the foundation.  He has dedicated his life to the foundation and everything that he does is for the betterment of the children.  One such way that he creates local and global awareness is he participates in Triathlons riding for the foundation.  This encourages people to ask questions, raises funding for the foundation, offers hope to the children, and demonstrates that anything is possible.